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batman: the animated series

my brother & i just started re-watching this on disk from netflix. i know i watched it whe if first aired in the 1990s, but i don't know if i watched from the beginning. so far it's as awesome as i remember with the danny elfman theme, mark hamill chewing on the scenery with just his voice as the joker, arleen sorkin as the crazy match to the joker with harley quinn (and is the reason harley quinn is now part of the comic universe) & the 1930s/modern style.

however, they're on the disk in production order, not by air date so there's some of what TV tropes calls early installment weirdness. alfred is not voiced by efrem zimbalist Jr. (who's possibly my favorite alfred, tied with michael gough from the movies of the 1990s/2000s) and at times it seems like kevin conroy is doing the "batman voice" when he should be doing the "bruce wayne voice" but it's all good

there are ever a few star trek people who voiced some major, & minor, characters for this. see the cast & crew list for more details.

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