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changes in the real ghostbusters

well we're at that part of the rewatch where the series changed, & not all for the better.

kath soucie replaced laura summer as the voice of janine because TPTB wanted a "softer" version. dave coulier (yes, the guy from fuller house) took over as peter & sounds like he's doing the voice with a head cold. and at times with some mashed potatoes in his mouth. R.I.P lorenzo music.
eventually Arsenio Hall will be out as winston & buster jones takes over.

they changed the "look" of the series too. janine is supposed to look more "motherly" the ghosts are less scary/crazy, & ray is thinner. all part of an attempt to make the show more family friendly & P.C. which caused j. michael straczynski to quit. they later retcon janine's new lookwith the "genie" thing where this entity grants her wishes for a different look to impress egon.apparently ray just joined weight watchers.
for some reason slimer has a tail & starts to mold himself into shapes. for example, in one episode he molds his head into a police officers cap to direct traffic. plus he's a little easier to understand when he talks.

peter stops chasing women, ray starts sleeping with a stay puffed marshmallow doll & they add everyones favorite the "junior" ghostbusters [/heavy sarcasm]

all of this eventually leads to the slimer and the real ghostbusters crap.

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