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[sticky post] stuff you might need to know about this LJ

for years i posted comments with the OpenID archersangel.blogspot.com (sometimes archersangel.dreamwidth.org when the other wouldn't work) now i upgraded to a regular account. my dreamwidth journal is the main one, my blogspot/blogger blog still is posted to now & then. this post over at DW has more about me, if you care to know.

the cross-osted entries say to comment at DW with OpenID, but you don't have to if you don't have an OpenID thing. You can post here on the entry.


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In 1966, my friend, who I’ll call “Dee,” was 26 years old, living in Oregon with two other young women, both in their early twenties. Dee’s family considered her a “spinster,” as she should have been married with kids by then, but Dee had no interest in finding a husband. She wanted a career in the medical field, to attend grad school and, more than anything, to write.

She belonged to a women’s science fiction writing group. Some of them had written professionally and others were hoping to get published (Dee among them), but as she said: “Science fiction in the 1960s was not considered the purview of women. So we would go to science fiction conventions and so on — it’s not fair to say we weren’t welcome — but there was very much a division, and the social attitudes at the time played a large role in just how participatory we thought we could be.”

read more here

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either/or meme

from[Unknown LJ tag]who got it from[Unknown LJ tag]

libraries or bookstores - bookstores

pens or pencils - pencils

handwritten or typed - typed

ending a sentence with a preposition or splitting an infinitive - why not both?

truth or fiction - fiction

poetry or prose - prose i suppose

this or thatCollapse )

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i posted back in may about how i was having rouble posting to book_buzz. well since then i was able to post a couple of things that were not the orgional thing i was trying to post.

i don't know if the probelm is that it post has a link in it, but i'll try removing it and posting it later.


friday 5: on-line journaling

1. Do you like to reply to every comment in your journal?

2. What type of post gets the most/least responses in your journal?
no idea. most don't get comments at all

3. What do you do when a new person first comments in your journal?
it happens so rarely.

4. When you're reading someone else's journal, do you read every comment before adding your own?
sometimes. it depends on how many comments there are.

5. When is "too late" to reply to an entry?
it depends on if it's about something time sensitive. but maybe a month.

see others answers over at[Unknown LJ tag]

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Sir Patrick Stewart will reprise the role of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in a brand new “Star Trek” series on CBS All Access, Variety has learned.

The exact plot details are being kept mostly under wraps, though the series is said to tell the story of the next chapter of Picard’s life. That indicates that it will take place after the events of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” rather than being a prequel or reboot.

The untitled series hails from Alex Kurtzman, James Duff, Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chabon, and Kirsten Beyer. Kurtzman, Duff, Goldsman, and Chabon will also serve as executive producers on the series along with Stewart, Trevor Roth, Heather Kadin, and Rod Roddenberry. CBS Television Studios will produce. The new series does not currently have a premiere date.

read more here

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changeing the theme (again) on this LJ

i don't know why i try to change the theme here seasonly. maybe because there are a lot of nice ones.

when i was just commenting with open-ID i had a theme for my friends page. i'd swich between the bookworm grey & typekey grey.
right now it's hills dusk & i don't know if i could look for a summer theme (even though summer is half over) or wait for fall.

ETA: after much thought, i chose the theme world travel for the summer. will most likely change it for the fall.

tv & movie trailers from SDCC

all of the movie & tv trailers you missed at san diego comic con

via[Unknown LJ tag]

nothing really catches my interest.

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Thieves’ Cant Masterpost

found via[Unknown LJ tag]from[Unknown LJ tag]

if you're writing thieves, pirates, highwaymen or rouges of any type from the 18th & the 19th centuries mostly, but some things go back to the 15th & even the 11th centuries, these links cover slang, phrases & the cant (a phrase or catchword temporarily current or in fashion.) used at the time.

they even have the history of various swear words. so that would be a bit NSFW.

the link

and here's the collection of links i have of various things that could be helpful to a writer.

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NCIS: season 5 news

found at cinema blend

The fourth season of NCIS: New Orleans saw some significant changes to the status quo with the departure of Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy, and the finale endedspoilersCollapse ). The team is going to need some help to fill in the blanks, and we now know how NCIS: New Orleans intends to do it. The show is adding a new character who will be a series regular and could mix things up in some exciting ways.

NCIS: New Orleans is adding a new member to the team. The show is searching for the right actress to play a female agent in her 30s who hasn't actually been based out of the United States for a while. While she has been enjoying a career of overseas assignments with a variety of different coworkers, she's ready for something different.

bonus: while looking for NCIS: NOLA stuff found this slide show thing at entertainment weekly (from feb. of this year) about scott bakula talking about some of his roles over the years.

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