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[sticky post] stuff you might need to know about this LJ

for years i posted comments with the OpenID archersangel.blogspot.com (sometimes archersangel.dreamwidth.org when the other wouldn't work) now i upgraded to a regular account. my dreamwidth journal is the main one, my blogspot/blogger blog still is posted to now & then. this post over at DW has more about me, if you care to know.

the cross-osted entries say to comment at DW with OpenID, but you don't have to if you don't have an OpenID thing. You can post here on the entry.


For the first time ever, the beloved crews of four Star Trek incarnations – The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager – will be pitted against one another in IDW's mind-blowing comic book miniseries, Star Trek: The Q Conflict. Debuting in January, this epic six-part event features the writing team of Scott and David Tipton (Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken) and art by David Messina (Cloak and Dagger, Star Trek: Countdown).

When a dispute between godlike beings threatens the galaxy, it will take all of Starfleet's best captains to stop them. James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, and Benjamin Sisko must go head-to-head in a competition rigged by the arrogant Q and his nigh-omnipotent cohorts.

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NCIS: NOLA thoughts

during that second episode pride seemed to be psychic or really in tune with the situation. we'll probably never see that again.

ETA: and can we talk about how laughable it is to have one NOPD officer on guard duty? and it appears to be the same guy too, no mater what time of the day. he needs to talk to the union about that.

how long are they going to drag on the whole pride doing a desk job with an annoying  no. 2? not much longer, i hope. maybe they'll be something for sweeps, the nov. ones are right around the corner.

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did lovecraft write about a goa'uld?

i'm not into the h.p. lovecraft stories (or similar) and most of what i do know came from a couple of the real ghostbusters episodes. and whatever episode of will wheaton's table top where they played a game about "the old ones" or something.
but i discovered this wikipedia entry on nyarlathotep a long time ago & for some unknown reason decided to bookmark it. watching the latest episode of ghost adventures, whey they talk about lovecraft, reminded me of this fact.

the part of the article that made me think it was about a goa'uld (something lovecraft wrote some 70 years before stargate) was this;
In his first appearance in "Nyarlathotep" (1920), he is described as a "tall, swarthy man" who resembles an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.[1] In this story he wanders the Earth, seemingly gathering legions of followers, the narrator of the story among them, through his demonstrations of strange and seemingly magical instruments.

or maybe someone involved in stargate is/was just a lovecraft fan? either way, i think i'm going to delete this link from my bookmarks.
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S5 E1 ratings

The ratings for the NCIS: New Orleans TV show continued to slip last year and its average in the 18-49 demographic dropped below the 1.0 mark. The CBS series has enough episodes for a good-sized syndication package. Could this be the show’s final year or, with so may other CBS shows getting long in the tooth, is it sure to be renewed for a sixth year? Stay tuned.


For comparisons: The fourth season of NCIS: New Orleans averaged a 0.96 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8.86 million total viewers (live + same day ratings).

link to a chart that will keep track of the ratings as the season goes on.

i remember that the first season had around 16-17 mill. viewers. *sigh*

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changing LJ stuff

changed the theme to Ghouls Blue (giving in to my inner goth). wanted to wait until oct 1st but that's tomorrow already, so it's close enough. i should do something for fall, since this theme isn't very fall-like. (already have one in mind for the winter season.)

the halloween icon is a black background is a mostly leafless tree branch with a cat sitting on it silhouetted against a large, full moon, with the words (in white) basement cat wishes u happy halloween. basement cat, if you don't know, is an old internet meme thing. but it's hard to read so i'm trying another.

the new one is linus (from peanuts) in a pumpkin patch with a sign that reads welcome great pumpkin.

the oddity of dreams

you know it's hard to tell if you're dreaming about an actor or character in your dreams unless you, or someone, calls them by their name. or otherwise something pings in your brain that the person is [actor name] & not [character name].

so what does it mean that my brain gave me both daniel jackson and michael shanks in the same dream last night?

i was coming up this this building in a car (i thought for a convention) & in the parking lot michael douglas & arnold schwarzenegger were doing some kind of photo-shoot wearing tuxes. (there were two other men that i kind of recognized, but can't recall their names, in the photo-shoot too).

i go inside, stuff happens, and i end up at a table with DJ. we're talking for awhile when MS comes over and sits down. whatever part of my brain not responsible for the dream is like WTF?! while the dream producing part of the brain decides to ignore this odd development.

MS & i talked for awhile and i recall looking at some poster about that he was going to do photos where he didn't look like he came off a 3 day bender scruffy and how that was a big deal. at some point he drank from the glass i was drinking from, from the straw. that kind of thing grosses me out. like i don't really know you, don't drink from my straw.

anyway, he gets up to leave & i go with him. DJ grabs my hand & basically tells me he'll miss me. i'm walking out with MS and just before he leaves, he hugs me and i tell him that i don't hear from his wife that often. he replies that she sent me a letter 2 months ago. i tell him that 2 letters a year is not very often. and then i wake up.

WTF brain?!

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the first episode of season 5 is tue. sep. 25 at 10 pm (est)

A new NCIS agent is coming to the Big Easy.

EW has learned exclusively that Necar Zadegan has been added as a series regular to NCIS: New Orleans. The actress from Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce will play Special Agent Hannah Khoury, who takes a leadership spot on the team after last season’s [spoiler redacted]

from entertainment weekly (the actress kind of looks a little like marina sirtis in the picture they have)

Scott Bakula has a new adversary on NCIS: New Orleans: Reggie Lee — who played Sergeant Wu on NBC’s Grimm — will recur during Season 5 of the CBS drama as Assistant Special Agent in Charge Steven Thompson, our sister site reports.

from tv line (is this percy's replacement?)

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friday 5: weather

This Friday Five is brought to you by Hurricane Florence and yours truly.

1. Have you ever experienced a hurricane firsthand?

2. Have you ever experienced outside heat over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celcius)?
yes. and that was without the heat index.

3. When and where was the coldest temperature you have ever experienced?
10 or 12 below zero (without wind chill) in the mid-alantic area of the US

4. Is your household prepared for a possible power outage of two to seven days?
not really.

5. Do you have a go bag?
no. in the words or c3-po, we're doomed.

see what other people said at[Unknown LJ tag]

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Shatner opens up about the end of his years long friendship with his “Star Trek” co-star Leonard Nimoy in his new memoir, “Live Long and… What I Learned Along the Way”.

“After all the years we had spent together, after the bond we had forged, what could I have done that was so irreparable that he couldn’t even talk to me about it?” The 87 year-old actor said.

Shatner even stayed away from Nimoy’s funeral in 2015 claiming he felt unwanted.

more here

poster's note: i've read in a few places that shatner wanted nimoy to appear in some movie he directed. nimoy said no & shatner used some footage of him from somewhere a put it in the movie without permission or payment.

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