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[sticky post] stuff you might need to know about this LJ

for years i posted comments with the OpenID archersangel.blogspot.com (sometimes archersangel.dreamwidth.org when the other wouldn't work) now i upgraded to a regular account. my dreamwidth journal is the main one, my blogspot/blogger blog still is posted to now & then. this post over at DW has more about me, if you care to know.

the cross-osted entries say to comment at DW with OpenID, but you don't have to if you don't have an OpenID thing. You can post here on the entry.


more of the trek meme; day 25 & 26

Day 25 - Favorite Discovery Episode
never seen it.
but i'd like to substitute the animated series in place of it for this one. (it's like the old star trek magazine said, it's the forgotten trek show.)

yesteryear, where mucking around with the guardian of forever erases spock from the timeline & spock has to save his younger self. you see the kahs-wan maturity test and some of spock's boyhood. like all of TAS probably not canon.

Day 26 - Planet You Would Most Like To Visit
i'd say risa, but that's like las vegas times 20. This entry was originally posted at https://archersangel.dreamwidth.org/278605.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

day 23 & 24 of the trek meme

Day 23 - Best Trek Tech
the medical stuff is great, but i have to go with replicator. you want a baked alaska? done! you want lobster bisque? done! you could have a full thanksgiving dinner for 8 in just minutes. or replicate all the food for a super bowl party (including the beer, apparently) in now time & woldn't have to worry about running out of stuff.
but it's like paris said there are 14 varies of tomato soup & it can't get just plain tomato soup right.
although i could image it would be a bit hard to dial in for stuff like cold water. how cold is "cold" anyway?

Day 24 - Best Overall Space Vessel
i honestly don't know.
but i'm leaning towards the enterprise-d. even if it was like a hotel in space.

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random friday 5

1. If you were President of the United States, what would be your top 3 things that you would like to change?
healthcare, better pay, housing for all who need it.

2. If you had to survive off of one specific type of food, what would it be and why?
pizza. because of the variety & it's all the food groups in one. cheese=dairy, crust=grains, meat=protein, tomato sauce=vegetables.

3. If your life were a play, what would it be (tragedy, comedy, drama, etc.)?
a dramatic tragedy with oddly comedic moments.

4. What community is your favorite and why?
like here? sadly none are that active.

5. When did you realize you were finally an adult and how did it make you feel?
when i had to start making my own doctor's appointments. it was a major bummer.

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NCIS: NOLA season 6

my thoughts drift into spoiler territory.

Read more...Collapse )

the ratings so far are....not great. i remember when they were twice that.

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the undiscovered trek meme: day 21 & 22

list and other info here

Day 21 - Least Favorite Character
the bolian barber from TNG to talked too much. i'm reminded of the saying; never trust a bald barber, he has no respect for your hair.

Day 22 - Favorite Trek Film
i'm torn between first contact & the voyage home. the wrath of khan & generations are close too.

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the trek meme returns: day 19 & 20

Day 19 - Favorite Enterprise Episode
shuttlepod one. twilght, dear doctor, carbon creek, storm front pt 1 & 2 and in a mirror, darkly pt 1 & 2.

Day 20 - Character You're Most Like
i don't think i'm like any of them. but i might lean towards mccoy's attitude.

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the problem with floral scents

the degree motion seance white flowers & lychee is not too bad (see this post for more detail). quite a bit stronger than i'd like, but not overwhelming.

weirdly, despite wearing it for a few weeks now, it made both my brother & i sneeze twice in separate incidents yesterday.

the coconut thing that did not smell like coconut when i wore it didn't do that. the sage & minerals dove men's thing that my brother had that smelled like a jar of old oregano when he wore it didn't do that.

*sigh* maybe i should stick with powder or "shower fresh" deodorants. This entry was originally posted at https://archersangel.dreamwidth.org/277186.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


the trek meme continues; day 17 & 18

Day 17 - Favorite Trek Novel
i like a few; spock's world, metamorphosis, a stitch in time, mosaic, the broken bow novelization. find a list of others here.

Day 18 - Favorite Non-Aligned Race
i don't know. but what happened with the barzan after the wormhole went kaput?
the breen are kind of interesting, mostly because they dress like leia in the bounty hunter outfit from return of the jedi we don't know much about them.
were the bynars non-alligned?

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The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir

WARNING! spoilers ahead.

weir lays out the case that richard III ordered the boys killed. the richard III defense society will try to make you believe that henry VII or his mother did it, but that's not true.

first, all of the guards & officials at the tower where the boys were held were richard's men.
second, even though he declared edward V & his brother richard illegitimate & unable to inherit the throne, he knew that could be reversed by someone else. which is what henry VII did to marry the boys' sister elizabeth.
third, there was a history of killing deposed kings. henry VI was killed on orders of richard's brother edward IV.
fourth, to further disprove henry VII's involvement weir points out the boys had been dead at least 2 years before he came to take the throne. and neither he nor his mother had enough influence or power at the time to order it done.

this book was written in 1992 before richard III's bones were discovered, so i'd like to see an updated edition. especially since the bones prove he had physical deformities & earned the nickname crouchback. which tweaks the collective nose of the richard III defense society who think that was just tudor-era slander.

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