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friday 5: autumn

But the days grow short
When you reach September
When the Autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
The September Song – Frank Sinatra

1. Are you looking forward to Autumn (or Spring, if you are in the other hemisphere)?
i like the cooler weather of fall.

2. What is one thing that marks this season for you more than anything else?
all the fall decorations.

3. If the months are indicative of your age, with January being your birth and December being the
end of the line), what month are you in?

like may/june? BTW this is the most depressing question i've seen in the friday 5.

4. Do you welcome the cooler/warmer days or mourn their loss?
i don't do well in the heat, so i like fall temps.

5. What is absolutely one thing you have to do in the Autumn/Spring?
there is not anything i have to do. but i wish sonic would bring back their pumpkin pie shake & blast, because i never got a change to try either like 4 years ago and now they don't bring them back for fall any more.

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friday 5: food

1. What are your top 5 favourite foods?
chicken, bread, pizza, toast, cake.

2. Is there something similar between them?
carbs, maybe?

3. Can you cook them yourself?

4. Pick one, and tell us why it is so special.
there's nothing really special about them. i just like them.

5. Have you eaten your recommended servings of 2 fruit and 5 vegetables today?

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quarantine cat

because masks are still needed

an update on places i've posted about before.

steady clothing ones are now $2.50, with adjustable ear loops. 4 sizes (youth, medium, large & x-large) with fewer/different prints than before.

mask club no longer does the one a month for $9.99 thing & raised their prices from $13.99 to $14.99. still ones size fits most ear loop kind with a boatload of categories; comics, peanuts, harry potter, star trek, US state flags, international flags, the 2020 election, plus solid colors and patterns & more.
they have a kid's size and patterns too.

teepublic are still $10 for a once size fits most adult size with ear loops with a lot of designs.

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friday 5

1. If you could design your life exactly how you'd like, how famous would you be?
semi-famous, i guess. i'd write some novels using a nom de plume, so no one would recognize my IRL name.and i wouldn't have my picture on the cover, so no one would know my face. some might know it from "meet the author" things my publisher made me do.

2. How often would you travel?
i'd like to think 2-3 time a year, but travel is so stressful.

3. How many people would live with you?
ideally, none. but probably just my brother. in the fantasy where i have tons of money, we live in a big house where we rarely see each other. lol.

4. How often would you eat out at restaurants?
at least once per week. rotating through a list of favorite restaurants & trying any "limited time" thing that catches our interest.

5. What new hobby would you get into?
i'd really like to learn painting or drawing. but would have to buy some patience first.

see what others said here.

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friday 5 on saturday

1. What luxury is totally worth the price?

good food. also a nice hotel room, not necessary a suite though.

2. What is the most unique or silliest problem you have going on in your life at the moment?
none of my current problems fit this category.

3. If you were so wealthy you didn’t need to work, what would you do with your time?
travel, read, eat good food and nap a lot.

4. What is the most tedious and/or the most exciting sport to watch?
golf, tennis and baseball at times are very boring. football (the u.s. version) can be very exciting.

5. What do you think the ideal age to be is?

i hate to say it, but early to mid-30s. you're old enough to start to get what you want/need from life (a significant other, job, car, maybe a house & starting some savings) but not so old that your body is betraying you with various aches and pains.

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friday 5; family

1. Did you grow up with your parents together as a unit?

2. Did you reach adulthood with four living grandparents?
no. paternal grandfather gone when i was 2, maternal grandfather gone when i was 6, paternal grandmother gone when i was 10 & maternal grandmother gone when i was 15.

3. Is your extended family a close one or not?
not at all.

4. Does your family have a 'black sheep'?
probably. but see above so i don't know.

5. What is your first memory of a family member that is not your mother(s) or father(s)?
paternal grandfather's funeral & whatever other relations were there when i was 2 1/2.

other answers over here.

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mythbusters thoughts

we've been watching them from the beginning on demand from discovery partly to have something to watch while eating dinner, partly to see if there's anything we missed in various rewatches.

i think it was adam who said their success came from the fact that he & jamie hated each other. respected each other's work & knowledge, but hated each other. and you can really see that in the first few seasons, with jamie calling adam a baby & telling him to quit whining a few times. in later seasons, they probably edited that kind of thing out to sell the narrative that these were two science/nerd buddies doing stuff together.

also, you can't take their conclusions as gospel. my bother said he's read a few things that say they ignored a lot of things to get results and made many mistakes.
an example is the toothbrushes in the bathroom is a bad idea because the toilet kicks up bacteria into the air and it gets on the brushes. the control ones that were covered in the kitchen area were brought into the bathroom to have their bristles rubbed on the petri dish. plus, all of the petri dishes were opened in the bathroom to be used for testing the other brushes. i'm sure there was some stuff floating in the are that affected the results. especially the control brushes.
i'm not saying they were 100% wrong with the conclusion of the myth, but not 100% right either.

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a late friday 5

1. What's your favorite color this week?
the same that it is every week; blue.

2. What job would be very unsuitable for you?
anything dealing with people.

3. What's your favorite Olympic sport?
rhythmic gymnastics.

4. Have you ever found yourself stuck out in the rain?
yes, a few times.

5. What does the tooth fairy do with our teeth?
no idea.
it's a weird thing to tell kids. leave your tooth under our pillow (why not on the windowsill?) and a fairy come along and give you money. who started this? and why did people go along with it?

see other answers over here.

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