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[sticky post] stuff you might need to know about this LJ

for years i posted comments with the OpenID archersangel.blogspot.com (sometimes archersangel.dreamwidth.org when the other wouldn't work) now i upgraded to a regular account. my dreamwidth journal is the main one, my blogspot/blogger blog still is posted to now & then. this post over at DW has more about me, if you care to know.

the cross-osted entries say to comment at DW with OpenID, but you don't have to if you don't have an OpenID thing. You can post here on the entry.


a grab bag of things

1. this is such a quite area. i've always lived in rural areas, usually far way from other house. but other than cars playing music loudly & kids screeching when play, it's so quiet.
the new neighbor is a single mother with 2 or 3 kids (another woman with 2 or 3 kids helped her move in & i don't know who's kids were who's) who spends 90% of the day yelling at them.

2. the presidential book reading project is going slow. 2 years & 20 books read. it helps that 1 guy was president twice, one book covered 3 guys i'm not reading anything on like 4 of them. but it's had to findalything on book lender & they drop the ones i do find because they don't have enough of the title to justify keeping it. at this rate it will take me another 2 years to get through this.

3. flan is gross. i need to remember that.

4. panara bread got rid of a lot of stuff. their cinnamon roll, cheese danish, cobblestone & bear claw. now they have a different cinnamon roll with vanilla icing, cheese brittany, cherry brittany & some kind of chocolate sandwich cookie that are hard & not soft like a gob.
had the new cinnamon roll, cheese brittany and chocolate thing, hated all of them. basically the only good stuff they have is the bread & bagels.

5. in one of the last episodes of NCIS: NOLA agent khoury brought pride coffee in those paper to-go cups. he took it despite being a coffee snob who only drinks coffee he makes himself in early seasons. is this not in the show bible? and i hate when people pice up a cup on a TV show or in a move to drinks something & it's obviously empty.

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friday 5: vacation

1. What was your favorite childhood vacation?
we were too poor to go on vacation.

2. What is your dream vacation?
travel through europe visiting historical sites & museums. first class all the way.

3. If you could take a trip around the world, what locations would you be sure to include?
egypt, greece, italy, france england, hawaii, canada possibly japan & maybe some place in the caribbean.

4. Do you prefer vacations to new destinations, to familiar destinations, or a mix?
somewhere new. there are so many places to visit & life is short.

5. What activities would you plan for a two week staycation?
reading books & naps.

see what other people said over here at thefridayfive

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another day older & deeper in debt

that time of year again.

at times i feel my age, sometimes not.

when i was in my teens i felt much older. maybe because i wasn't interested in the typical "teen" stuff going on at the time. although occasionally i'd have an urge to go to the mall.

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picard series teaser

the trailer was released to coincide with the TNG final episode's 25TH anniversary.

not much is known other than it's set in the prime universe several years after the evernts in the first reboot movie.

no release date has been given at this time.

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end of season 5 of NCIS: NOLA

spioler-ishCollapse )

not sure how much longer the series will go on. but the problem is the original is going on 17 seasons now & everything else in the franchise will seem like a failure if it doesn't match it.

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floral scents

my current deodorant is suave powder scented & it's not really cutting it. so i decided to go with degree motion seance white flowers & lychee, which appears to be a new thing.
it's rather floral, but hopefully not too much. you can never tell how it's going to be once i'm wearing it, like with the last new thing my brother tried or the coconut thing i got from secret a couple of years back that did not smell like coconut once i wore it. not sure what it was, but not coconut.

degree also has daisy fresh & aloe vera which is less floral, but my brother didn't like it (maybe it was the aloe?) and citrus & bergamot which is very citrus-y (almost overwhelming) and citrus usually ends up smelling like cheap vitamin c tablets.

if this new scent dson't work, i might just go with degree powder. degree is like 2 dollars more than suave, but generally more effective.

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could be an interesting perfume

just read the latest in the roma sub rosa series by steven saylor & came across this line (about alexandria in ancient egypt);

for like a woman, alexandria has its own perfume, compounded of sea air, flowers and hot desert breezes.

and like the title says. i thought it would make an interesting perfume. black phoenix alchemy lab doesn't have anything. they have ancient egyptian kind of things & they have one for cairo, but that's it.

but nocturne alchemy has one in their egyptian temples & cities collection
Alexandria: The scent of the Mediterranean, red Egyptian Musk, Bergamot, lime, lotus, amber, blue nile, dark rose and dark vanilla, Crystal Absolute. A soft spicey scent of the ocean and all of Egypt along it's journey down the Nile.

anyway, my weird brain thought it was interesting.

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NCIS: NOLA thoughts

with may sweeps coming up and that a-polly-anna group still skulking around i had a thought on what may happen.

maybe spoilersCollapse )

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friday 5: graduation

1. Did you enjoy your senior year of high school?
only in the sense that i knew it was the last year of school & i couldn't wait to get out.

2. Did you have a senior trip (high school) and were you able to go on it.
we did not have one.

3. Was graduating (from either high school or college/university) a big thing with your family or just another day?
not really a big deal.

4. What were you looking forward to the most after graduating from either high school or college/university?
never going to school again.

5. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your graduating self?
i really don't know.

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