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[sticky post] stuff you might need to know about this LJ

for years i posted comments with the OpenID archersangel.blogspot.com (sometimes archersangel.dreamwidth.org when the other wouldn't work) now i upgraded to a regular account. my dreamwidth journal is the main one, my blogspot/blogger blog still is posted to now & then. this post over at DW has more about me, if you care to know.

the cross-osted entries say to comment at DW with OpenID, but you don't have to if you don't have an OpenID thing. You can post here on the entry.



well i was wrong about loretta getting caught up in some political scandal or intrigue. (a missed opportunity by the writers) but i was right about it happening during a sweeps month.

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friday 5; flying commercial

1. Where did you go the last time you took an airplane ride?
atlanta for dragon con in 2010 & back home.

2. Are you a nervous flyer or a comfortable flyer?
somewhat nervous

3. Window seat or aisle seat?
both have their downsides

4. What is the worst experience you've had flying?
the first time i flew (2009 to los angeles for anime expo) i was pretty nervous & there was some turbulence.

5. What is the best experience you've had flying?
a 3 times were pretty good. no major delays, no crazy passengers or bratty kids & we sprung for first class, so that helped things.

see what other people said over here at [Unknown LJ tag] 
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super bowl thoughts

OY, what a game!

so glad the patriots didn't win. you have no idea how much.

i hope brady retires & it takes at least 3 years for the new guy to get good enough to get anywhere near the playoffs.

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NCIS: NOLA cast change

Shalita Grant, who plays Sonja Percy on “NCIS: New Orleans,” is leaving the drama, Variety has learned exclusively.

Sources say the departure is amicable and mutually agreed upon between the actress and the producers of the CBS procedural, which is shot in the Crescent City.

Grant recurred as Percy, a former ATF agent recruited to the NCIS unit, in the show’s first season. She was elevated to a series regular for the second, third, and fourth seasons of the program. Grant’s final episode will be the 17th installment of the fourth season, which will air April 3.

the rest.

i hope they give her character a better send-off then they did brody's character. This entry was originally posted at https://archersangel.dreamwidth.org/240381.html. Please comment there using OpenID.



friday 5 languages

1. After your first language, what language would you most like to learn? (Say first language too)
i'd like to try Polish. or Klingon. first language english.

2. Does your country have a second language? What is it?
not officially, but some claim it's spanish.

3. How many languages can you count to 5 in? To 10 in? List them.
i can cont to 6 in spanish, thanks to sesame street.

4. What is the first overseas country you visited? And from where? (ie/ timbuctoo to mars)
never been out of the US.

5. What country do you most want to visit? And why?
italy. because of rome

what other people said is over here at[Unknown LJ tag]

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snow removal or lack thereof

during the worts of the recent snowfall (no as bas as some places) the management had snow plows go trough the streets here, & by "snow blows" i mean pick-up trucks with snow pow attachments. the first time they did a good job, the other times not so much.

i'm pretty sure they're supposed to go rather sow, maybe 20 MPH, but they went a lot faster. and didn't seems to put down some sort of de-iceing product. no doubt they went with the cheaper option. maybe they'd be better off if they charged some kind of snow removal fee.

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about the seasons

winter seems longer this year, mainly because it's colder.

if you think about spring & fall (autumn)  are just extensions of the seasons that come before & after it. spring can have winter-like days & summer-like days. fall (autumn) can have summer-like days & winter-like ones.

about 12 years ago it started getting colder in september, mostly bypassing fall (autumn) all together.

climate change isn't helping with any of this.

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signal boost

[Unknown LJ tag]'s cousin is running for congress as a democrat for NY-23rd district.

She is smart, had a double-major BA from University of Rochester (English and history), a doctorate in history, and has taught it as a university professor; she has a law degree, has been a working attorney, and then became a cybersecurity law expert working at Cornell University. But more than that, she is thoughtful, interesting, liberal, and very politically astute.

more, including a link to her campaign ad &website as well as what area NY-23 district covers, is here at the original post.

also, if you live in that district, consider posting something in your own journal to continue to boost the signal.

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